Thursday, February 16, 2012

Southern Sides

This oil painting was started on site and then finished in the studio. It is a companion piece to the painting "Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden Shed" and show the side view of the same shed in a different time. Pin It


Oil Painting on Canvas said...

Canvas may be obtained untreated or with either flame-retardant treatment, water-resistant treatment, or both. Besides the name of the special type of fabric, if there is one, and the treatment, canvas is identified by its weight in ounces per square yard and by two grading systems based on the weight of a piece of duck 36 by 22 inches (about 92 by 56 cm).

katie purcell said...

I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at Callaway. You inspired me to be brave and do some plein air soon.
Your work is beautiful. Sending one of the cards I bought to a dear friend fighting kidney cancer.
Keep painting for His Glory.

Phyllis Franklin said...

It was nice meeting you too Katie. Hope you will get those paints out soon and have as much fun as I do.